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Showing Teeth Is A Good Decision

Our 2nd record, released July 2010 as a limited edition cassette and digital download. Self released. 6 songs: Dinner Plate, Massive Yachts, Sopwith Manhole, Birdrib, Lungs of a Whale, Salamander with Fur.



Our first record, released Jan 2009, as a joint label release from Hewhocorrupts Inc and (staticstation). It is available as a 7" vinyl + digital download (dropcard). It's also available here for download and link to order. It has 5 songs: Brother, Massachusetts, Firefighter, Disassemble, Hurts My Head.



We also did a cover of the Malaysian band Carburetor Dung's 1993 anthem "Oppression" (you can hear the original on their MySpace page), released on our Malaysian cassette release on Revulsion Records. We also posted about it. It has 7 songs: Brother, Massachusetts, Firefighter, Disassemble, Hurts My Head released on our 7" vinyl, as well as Short of Breath (released as a bonus digital download with the 7"), and Oppression. Here it is...



We also recorded some practice room demos in the spring of 2008 just to let people know what we were working on. These were pretty rough, and they gave way to better recordings of better performances. They're currently not available for listening.